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The Stark Reality:
Cyberattack Immunity is a Myth

In today’s cyberthreat environment, small to medium-sized businesses are finding themselves in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. Immunity to cyber threat doesn’t exist, so staying agile and building a proactive defense is critical in protecting your operations.
More and more, traditional cyber technologies such as anti-virus or anti-malware are not enough. As more modern businesses face a high demand for affordable and effective cybersecurity,how will you respond when advanced adversaries set their sights on you?

of businesses have seen asharp increase in cyberthreats and security incidents
“The State of Security Operations 2020”– a CyberEdge report sponsored by Micro Focus

of businesses are seriously concerned about the current skill shortage in cybersecurity roles
“How to Minimize the Impact ofthe Cybersecurity Skills Shortage”
 Osterman Research for Trustwave

Defining the Value of a SOC
Protecting your business is synonymous with protecting your customers. That’s why businesses who are serious about their cybersecurity invest in a SOC to benefit from in-depth security expertise, human threat analysis, 24/7 monitoring, and immediate incident response. Having a SOC means responding faster,minimizing damages and costs, and safeguarding data and business continuity.